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5 Easy Ways To Spot Water Damage

Water damage can occur at any time of the day, any day of the week, and any time of the year. The stresses of water damage usually come unexpectedly which is why restoration companies like Red Truck Disaster Response are on-call every hour of every day. Whether your roof is leaking, flooding occurs, a pipe breaks, an appliance breaks, or any other form of water damage occurs, a powerful team will be by your side to restore all the damage caused by water. Water can range from being clean to being contaminated with harmful bacteria and microbes. It is safer to have a team of trained professionals involved in the water damage cleanup process so that you can protect you and your family’s health.

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Professional technicians also have high-end equipment used to detect moisture within your home, and effectively extract and dry out moisture. Technicians are well practiced in dealing with a number of water damage situations. Whether it is your Boise home, business, apartment, or other property that has been damaged, it will be a great decision to call in professional help so they can provide golden service and high-quality work. Relieve yourself from the chance of future problems by relying on professionals who will be able to make a plan of recovery specific to your needs, and who will be able to catch all forms of water damage.

Water damage can sometimes be easily detected, but this is not always the case. Sometimes signs of water damage can be hidden. There are some techniques you can use to spot water damage before the damage becomes worse. Here are 5 signs to help you detect water damage on your property.

It is important to check around your home when heavy rain or flash floods have occurred. If you are not sure flooding has affected your home, it is in your best interest to glance around your home to double check there is no water damage. The most important places to check are the water appliance rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. If you have a basement or room with piping, it is important to check there too. Double checking around your home could help you avoid further problems if any water damage has occurred.

  1. If you notice any changes in your walls, ceilings, or floorings, there may be water damage.These structures are vulnerable to water damage and will become warped if affected. They may look swollen, soggy, discolored, or look like they are starting to fall apart through peeling and cracking. If you see any of these signs, water damage is likely to blame.
  2. Stains and mold come along with water damage. Leaking over time, or prolonged water damage leads to staining and mold growth. There will be discoloration and perhaps fuzziness from the mold. These may occur in places that are hard to detect like under carpet, but if you spot any of these, it is important to get immediate professional help for the removal of both water damage and mold. Mold is harmful to human health, so avoid contact with it.
  3. Musty odors are a sign of mold, which is a sign of excess moisture. The musty smell will be strongest where the mold is located, which may help you locate where the problem is.
  4. Check your utility bills each month to make sure they are not unusually high. If you notice high water bills, this should be a sign to go check pipes and other water sources for leaks and water damage.
  5. Old pipes are more likely to break. Check up on older pipes to make sure they are still working properly, and are not leaking. It may be wise to replace out of date pipes if you want to add more security to your home to protect against the chance of water damage.

If you spot any signs of water damage, call Red Truck Disaster Response for immediate assistance.

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