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Weather Related Water Damage

Floods are the most expensive cause of water damage claims. Boise is susceptible to rain, ice and snow.  Precipitation and wind can destroy your home but it’s impossible to foresee which weather conditions will cause damage. The important thing to do is to be sure to get help immediately after water enters your home. Call a full service water damage clean up team like Red Truck Disaster Response to preempt mold growth, then restore your home.

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  • Thunderstorm RisksThunderstorms happen more often during the afternoon and evening hours in the spring and summer months, but they can occur year-round and at all hours. Under the right conditions, rainfall from thunderstorms can cause hail or flash flooding. Strong (up to more than 120 mph) straight-line winds associated with thunderstorms knock down trees, power lines and mobile homes. Tornadoes (with winds up to about 300 mph) can destroy all but the best-built man-made structures.
  • Damaging Hail – Storms in Idaho can include damaging hail that breaks windows, damages roofs, dents siding, and crushes outdoor structures. Hail can strike with damaging force. Then water can enter the breach and cause even more destruction.
  • Winds From StormsProperty made of lightweight materials is at risk from strong winds.  Pay particular attention to the following areas:
    -Fences are vulnerable due to lightweight construction and the large surface area exposed to the wind.
    -Falling debris from roofs, chimneys or unsecured gable walls can cause consequential damage to property below e.g. parked cars.
    -Unsecured or unbraced masonry walls, especially on temporary construction sites, can be blown over before permanent bracing has been fixed.

Protecting Exposed Property

Red Truck Disaster Response is no stranger to strong weather and significant destruction. But after a storm your home is even more vulnerable from exposure to the elements. Strong winds rip off shingles or siding. Flying debris breaks windows, falling branches pierce roofs, and large hail damages structures.  Any additional rain and wind could allow dangerous mold to grow in your home within 24-48 hours. 

Experienced Red Truck restoration experts will ensure all your buildings are sealed from the elements. They offer comprehensive storm recovery services, including  24/7 emergency response, expert board-up and tarping services, tree removal, and full reconstruction services. No matter the size or scale of the harm to your property, Red Truck Disaster Response has the resources to protect, repair and restore your home.

Red Truck Disaster Response in Boise

Red Truck Disaster Response is a local, family-owned company providing emergency restoration services to Boise and the surrounding communities. We provide fast emergency response for all property disaster emergencies. With open communication, they help their clients work with insurance companies to restore their lives after a disaster. 

For flood damage and water clean-up in Southwestern Idaho, contact Red Truck Disaster Response. After thousands of insurance claims, they understand insurance claim coverages and will partner with your adjuster to make ALL the repairs to return your home to pre-loss condition. 

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