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Four Reasons To Clean Up Water Damage Fast

Speed is a key element of water damage restoration. This is especially true of removing floodwater from the home and drying it out. The longer it takes to remove floodwater from a home, the greater the damage will be. Below are the four problems that become worse and worse as floodwater remains in your home. To prevent these from happening to you, don’t hesitate to call our professional restoration experts at Red Truck Disaster Response in Boise for help. 


Mold is the number one problem that grows the longer floodwater remains in your home. The main reason for this is that mold can begin to grow very quickly after a flood. In fact, mold can begin growing as soon as 24 hours after the initial flood. Since can begin growing so soon, just imagine how quickly it can spread over the span of days and weeks. Beyond just being gross, mold can also bring about two serious issues. The first is that inhaling mold spores can lead to health problems like coughing, sneezing, and sore throat. For those who are young, elderly, or have weakened immune systems, mold can cause more serious health symptoms. Secondly, mold can bring about structural damage to your home if it begins growing inside your walls. When this happens, the only way to remove it is often to tear down the walls. 

Structural Damage

Mold is not the only cause of structural damage to your home after a flood. The water alone can cause significant damage. This usually happens for two main reasons. First, it occurs when the water comes into contact with very porous material. Drywall is a good example of this. It doesn’t take long after drywall is submerged in water for it to be ruined. Second, this can occur when materials are exposed to water for a long time. They still need to be somewhat porous for this to happen, but anything that is porous and is exposed to water for a long time may very well be ruined.

Uninvited Pests

The standing water left behind by a flood is the ideal home for all kinds of pests and insects you don’t want around. Since many of these pests, cockroaches in particular, can be very hard to get rid of, you should make it a goal to remove the water before any of these pests find their way to your home. 

Contaminated Water

Oftentimes, floodwater is contaminated with dangerous bacteria. Sometimes, this bacteria can be so dangerous that even touching it can lead to serious illness. As dangerous as this is for you, it can also be dangerous for your home. The contaminants can cause more damage than typical floodwater would. If your home is flooded with this type of water, it requires extra steps in the cleanup process to ensure that your home is safe and sanitary. 

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why it is important to clean up floodwater as soon as possible. If your home is flooded, don’t wait to give us a call at Red Truck Disaster Response in Boise so our restoration specialists can remove the water and restore the damage as soon as possible. 

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