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Take Care and Prepare to Evacuate

Idaho floods are unpredictable and destructive. We at Red Truck Disaster Response know how floods can cause problems on major infrastructure, cut essential services, destroy property and livelihoods. Although they are usually a result of rain swollen rivers or a burst dam, floods can rush into canyons that have never seen rain.

Never ignore an evacuation order— authorities will direct you to leave if you are within the greatest potential path of rising waters. Even if you haven’t been ordered to evacuate yet, it’s always best to be prepared when a flood watch is issued. People who have prepared before it happens are more likely to keep themselves, their families, their pets and their properties safe during a flood.

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If A Flood Is Likely…

To prepare your home, car, and loved ones for a potential evacuation, keep up to date on the weather. Monitor local radio, local TV or meteorology websites for flood advice; listen for disaster sirens and warning signals.

Divide and conquer these chores:

  • Fill your vehicle’s gas tank
  • Grab your emergency kit for the car including essential documents such as medical records, insurance card, ID  
  • Fill your clean water containers
  • Share emergency telephone numbers with those close to you

Pets and Animals

If you have pets and animals, plan now for their safety. You ALL might be turned away from public shelter or a safe hotel if you bring them with you.

Because more than one road might be blocked, make a list of three or more options in three different directions from home. Get pets microchipped at your vet. Update their registrations and keep their tags on them at all times.  Pack extra food, water and bedding for them.

Emergency Kit

You and your family need an emergency kit to survive during a flood. Include:

  • A waterproof bag containing important documents like passports, cash/coins/ bank cards, ID and insurance documents.
  • Portable, battery operated AM/FM radio
  • Waterproof flashlight plus new, spare batteries.
  • First aid kit with manual
  • Phones, laptops and chargers
  • Spare house and car keys
  • Combination pocket knife
  • Canned food for 4 days with can opener, cooking gear and eating utensils
  • Container for drinking, washing and cooking water
  • Sleeping bags, blankets and towels
  • Waterproof ponchos

If you are ordered to evacuate:

If a flood warning is issued and you are directed by authorities to evacuate the area, move quickly and take only essential items with you. Expect heavy traffic and follow the designated evacuation route; do not attempt to drive or walk across creeks or flooded roads.

If you have time: turn off the gas, electricity, and water; disconnect appliances; move furniture and valuables to the highest point possible. Adjust the thermostat on refrigerators to the coolest temperature.

If you are NOT ordered to evacuate

If you or the authorities determine that is is too late to leave, shelter in place. Continue to monitor your local radio for warnings and get to higher ground. (Whether you leave or stay, put sandbags in the toilet bowl and  shower drain to prevent sewage backflow.) Never allow children to play in or near floodwaters. If you must enter the water, wear solid shoes and check depth and current with a stick.

Red Truck Disaster Response

For flood damage and water clean-up information in Southwestern Idaho, contact Red Truck Disaster Response. After thousands of insurance claims, we want to help you understand insurance claim coverages and will partner with your adjuster to make ALL the repairs to return your home to pre-loss condition.