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Weather Related Water Damage

Floods are the most expensive cause of water damage claims. Boise is susceptible to rain, ice and snow.  Precipitation and wind can destroy your home but it’s impossible to foresee which weather conditions will cause damage. The important thing to do is to be sure to get help immediately after water enters your home. Call a full service water damage clean up team like Red Truck Disaster Response to preempt mold growth, then restore your home. Thunderstorm Risks -...

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Water Damage: 3 Common Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, right? It’s bound to happen, but if you can try to avoid making these mistakes when it comes to water damage cleanup, you will be in a good spot. Waiting too long Having flooding in your home can be a stressful and frustrating situation. It can happen unexpectedly and easily get put on the back burner with many other things on our day to day agendas. Although this is true, you should try your best to make it...

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