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The Dangers Of Sewage Water

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Your home may be a fixer-upper or a brand new home, but it is susceptible to experiencing problems at any time. Mold spores may grow, there may be a fire or flood, or there may be a need for sewage cleanup. A sewage damage cleanup company will be able to give you the support and care you need, whether your disaster is big or small. 

Water damage could happen at any time of the day. Water damage can get especially problematic for two reasons. If left alone, water damage will lead to mold which is bad for your health, and for your home. Mold will also spread throughout your home. This is one reason why it is important to get water damage professionally taken care of, and as soon as possible. Another danger of water damage is contamination. Not all flooded water is the same. Water damage may have come from a clean source, holding clean water. It may have also been sourced from sewage. The idea of having a leak or full-on burst in your sewage piping may be overwhelming. While it is important for your health and home to remove the contaminated water, trained professionals will be available 24/7 to take care of the whole process.

Sewage overflow can happen a number of ways. If pipes are old or damaged, they are more likely to leak or break. Sewage pipes can become backed up to a point of breakage. The septic tank through which sewage flows may be broken or deficient. Another cause may just be flooding of water that contains contaminated sewage water. Sewage contains living bacteria and viruses. If you come in contact with those microorganisms you could be at risk of several diseases including campylobacteriosis, cryptosporidiosis, E.coli, Encephalitis, gastroenteritis, giardiasis, hepatitis A, leptospirosis, blue-baby syndrome, poliomyelitis, salmonellosis, shigellosis, typhoid fever, and yersiniosis. It is important to be safe and take precaution if you are forced to come in contact with sewage. Professionals will have the proper safety and cleanup equipment to leave your home fresh and sanitized.

While contaminated water is in your home, or in your private water supply, it may be a good idea to find temporary living somewhere else. If you will still be living in your home, keep all people and pets away from contaminated areas. Keep especially clean hygiene habits to avoid getting sick. Contaminated water could easily get into cuts on a person’s body. You may need to consider using bottled water or an outside water source for dishes, showering, and drinking etc. In addition to calling a sewage cleanup company like Red Truck Disaster Response in Boise, you may need to get plumbers, local water suppliers, and doctors involved to make sure all sides of your sewage problem are solved.