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Mold can come from a variety of sources. Red Truck Disaster Response’s goal is to find the source of your mold problem, safely eradicate it for good, and restore your property. Our main concern is always your safety, and our primary focus is to make sure the mold is safely removed and will not be coming back.

In homes and businesses, mold typically grows from some type of water damage situation. It could be from an unidentified water leak, humidity levels, or a previous flooding that had occurred. Not all mold is noticeable. You might find mold on your walls or ceiling, but it is often hidden inside walls, underneath the flooring, or out of sight in an attic or basement. If you suspect mold, it is important to call Red Truck Disaster Response in Boise right away to decrease the risk of health issues for you and any occupants in your home.

Common Household Types of Mold Found in Homes

  • Alternaria - Found in Damp Areas (Showers ,Bathroom, Sinks)
  • Aspergillus - common indoor mold
  • Aureobasidium - found on wooden furniture, surfaces, painted walls
  • Chaetomium - found on drywall

Professional Mold Remediation

Before the mold can be removed, the source of the problem has to be identified. Red Truck will send in mold remediation experts who will evaluate the extent of the mold problem, find the source of the mold and create an action plan. This plan will include:

Eliminating the source of the mold problem – cleaning up any water damage and repairing it, making sure the source is dry and will not be a cause of mold in the future.

Safely removing the mold – our team is trained in successful mold removal which means that the area will be contained, and the mold spores will not become airborne and spread.

Restoring the affected area – if the structure of your property has been damaged by the mold, we will repair the affected areas and make your property as good as new again.

Our team will work closely with you through the remediation process. We are fully committed to providing top-of-the-line work alongside the gold standard in customer service. If you suspect mold in your property – Call us now!

Why Does Mold Grow?

When any area is affected by water or moisture, mold is a threat. Mold can start to grow in a wet, humid area in as little as 24 hours. If a water problem was not cleaned and dried efficiently, it is likely that mold will occur. This is often the case if a professional was not called in to clean up the water, or if a water problem went unnoticed for a length of time.