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The majority of homes in the Treasure Valley have crawl spaces below them. Crawl spaces by design are more resistant to water damage, and mold growth by design, but do frequently flood causing the need for crawl space water damage drying and crawl space water damage repairs. Often in these crawl spaces duct replacement, vapor barrier replacement, foundation wall insulation, and or floor insulation replacement may be needed.

Sometimes mold remediation and mold cleanup is needed as well to maintain a healthy living environment. Not only can crawl spaces be flooded with groundwater, but also water from pipe breaks, and sewage contamination from back flows and or broken sewage pipes. Red Truck Response is happy to send out experienced technicians to advise you of recommended cleanup procedures, and make a free estimate of crawl space water removal, decontamination, drying and repair costs. Please call now for your no obligation free estimate.

Our technicians will look for the following during the crawl space inspection:

  • Broken Sewage pipe or leaking water pipes under the crawl space
  • Signs of mold or mildew
  • Signs of rodents or pests living under the crawl space
  • Damage to foundation walls, insulation or vapor barriers
  • Dampness or Odors
  • Decay of Wood

Crawl Space Water Intrusion

Crawl spaces are an often neglected part of home maintenance. They are often hard to reach, cramped spaces, usually very dark and dirty and therefore generally avoided by homeowners, but crawl spaces are prone to experiencing serious problems that can affect your property if not dealt with. At Red Truck Response in Boise Idaho, we can help you restore your crawl space water and mold problem and make sure it never happens again.

If you want to have your crawl space inspected to check for water intrusion, moisture, mold growth, or pests, call our professionals at Red Truck Response. We will give your crawl space a full inspection to identify and fix any issues that appear. Give us a call at 208-250-6353 for crawl space cleaning and restoration in Boise, ID.

Fred & Linda Snow
Fred & Linda Snow
19:56 29 Sep 21
Very pleased with the quick service and clean up. Everyone who helped were very professional and competent. Did an excellent job of cleaning up the water and drying walls out. Really appreciated everyone and the office for working with our insurance company. We would highly recommend Red Truck to others in need. Thank you!read more
Ann Guardiola
Ann Guardiola
18:25 06 Sep 21
I recently used Red Truck Disaster Response to mitigate mold and water in the crawl space of my home.I am extremely happy and satisfied with their work, and highly recommend them.The mold was called out by a home inspector when I was selling my house. Mike, from Red Truck, did the initial inspection, and was clearly very knowledgeable. He patiently explained the problem and solution in detail, and in terms I could understand. He was able to complete the work soon after he presented his bid, which was detailed and promptly sent via email.He was extremely responsive to my concerns throughout the process, which was not easy, because the buyer was very nervous about the mold. He even spoke to her directly, which helped immensely.He always quickly got back to me to answer all my questions as they came up.Upon completion, he wrote up a detailed report on what he did, and warrantied his work for two years. He also provided "before," "during," and "after" photos.I also had a post-remediation expert (industrial Hygienist) inspect the work upon completion, per a request of the buyer. The industrial hygienist inspected the work, and submitted a detailed reports, verifying it had been successfully more
Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers
21:14 18 Aug 21
We got estimates from four different companies to clean the mold in our attic. We went with Red Truck because they were the most professional, and seemed to be the most knowledgeable. They did a really good job!read more
Debbie Rotchford
Debbie Rotchford
14:40 04 Jul 21
Our recent experience with Red Truck was outstanding. Excellent communication by Mike Trittin, our project manager. He explained the scope of the work required clearly, and technicians Corey and Luke worked hard to complete the project. Throughout the process they kept us informed and went above and beyond to to correct additional problems that were discovered. Red Truck obviously cares about their customers. We will definitely use this business in the future and highly recommend more
Farzan F.
Farzan F.
18:52 25 Jun 21
I recently used them, and I'm very pleased with their work. They were on time, very careful not make a mess, and very polite. To top it all off, their price was better than other companies I was considering. Highly recommend more
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