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Overcoming a Plumbing Leak Disaster in Eagle, Idaho

At Red Truck Disaster Response, we specialize in turning disaster-stricken homes back into comfortable living spaces. Recently, we were contacted by a homeowner who faced extensive water damage in Eagle, Idaho, due to a plumbing leak in their shower mixer valve. The leak had caused chaos on their tile shower, tile floor, master closet subfloor, laminate flooring, and the crawlspace, where mold had also started to grow.

Steps We Took to Restore This Water-Damaged Home

We followed a detailed process to bring the home back to its former glory, if not better. Here’s a breakdown of the key steps we took to mitigate water damage, remediate mold, and fully restore this home in Eagle, Idaho:


Initial Assessment and Insurance Assistance

When we arrived, our first priority was to assess the damage thoroughly. We carefully inspected every affected area to understand the full scope of the problem. To ease the homeowner’s stress, we also helped with the insurance claim process, making sure they got the coverage needed for a complete restoration.

Water Damage Mitigation

We tackled the source of the problem first by repairing the faulty plumbing. We used industrial-grade water extractors, dehumidifiers, and air movers, to remove all standing water and moisture from the home. Once the water was extracted, we focused on carefully drying the affected areas to prevent further damage and mold growth.

Mold Remediation

Tackling the mold in the crawlspace was very important. Mold can be seriously harmful, so we used HEPA air scrubbers and negative air machines to contain and remove mold spores. We also applied antimicrobial treatments to eliminate mold and prevent future growth.

Full Restoration

With water and mold issues resolved, we began the restoration process. The homeowner wanted to update their home’s interior, giving us the opportunity to:

  • Replace the damaged shower and floor tiles with modern, stylish tiles.
  • Rebuild the master closet subfloor.
  • Install new laminate flooring.

Updated Interior After Plumbing Leak Disaster and Happy Clients

The homeowner was eager for a fresh, modern look, especially in the bathroom. We assisted them in selecting new fixtures and finishes, resulting in a beautifully redesigned bathroom. The transformation included sleek new tiles and updated fixtures, improving both the functionality and appearance of the space. Our efforts resulted in a completely restored home that met the homeowner’s expectations and more. 

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